Boarding Fees

  • Small pets welcome and facilities available
  • Dogs baths and MOTs (includes brushing, cleaning ears and nail clipping) are available during your pets stay or by separate arrangement from only £10


Small Dogs (Jack Russels, Westies, Yorkies, etc)£12.00 per day
Medium/Large Dogs (Spaniels, Collies, Labs, GSDs, Greyhounds, etc)£12.50 per day
Very Large/Giant Dogs (Danes, Mastiffs, Pyreneans, etc)£13.00 per day

For 2 dogs sharing, there is a £1.50 reduction per day and for 3 dogs £4.50 reduction per day. Prices for more than 3 dogs are available on request.


Single£7.50 per day
2 Cats£13.00 per day
3 Cats£16.50 per day

Small animals

Small AnimalsSingleSharing
Tortoises, Guinea Pigs & Rabbits£5.00 per day£4.50 per day
Rodents & Birds£2.00 per day£1.50 per day

Please Note: Charges will start from the day of arrival and will also include boarding fees for the day of departure. For DOGS collected before 1pm only half the daily rate is charged.

All information is correct as at 18th February 2016. Prices and information are subject to change at the discretion of the management.

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