About Us

We have been in the kennels and cattery business for the last 15-20 years and bring our experience with us to Rosegate.

In 1997 we started our first kennels in Toulouse, France to serve the local expat (Airbus) community concentrated in the area. On returning to the UK in 2002 we acquired a large Surrey kennels near Guildford and this was our life for the following 10 years. We have now followed our dream to the West country and Somerset.

We are enjoying making our contribution to Broomfield and the surrounding towns and villages, and love meeting and chatting to our customers - old and new. We pride ourselves on giving your pets first class care and attention. Your cat will have fuss and personal time with us twice a day.

All pets receive individual time and attention every day.

Additional time is always given to any pets requiring more time to settle in and relax.

Time Out for Dogs
Your dogs are exercised at least twice a day in our area of outstanding natural beauty, more in quiter times or for long stays. Puppies and the elderly are also taken out for extra toilet needs. We lead walk and have an enclosed garden area.

Heated Accommodation
Heating is provided during cold months. Central heating is installed in our two main blocks. All cats have heated igloos and the other dog accommodation has heated lamps. Additionally, individual heating is available all year round where needed if your dog is young or elderly. Heating is provided at no extra cost where required.

High Standards of Cleaning and Hygiene
These standards are so important to us and for the well being of all your pets while in our care and to ensure the best possible experience for your pet while on holiday with us. Our kennels and cattery meet and exceed the latest model licence conditions which lends itself to these high standards.

Terms & Conditions

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Opening Hours

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